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I’m a Software Engineer, FOSS Advocate and Agile Evangelist habituated to lead and coordinate development teams for various environments.

Luis a.k.a. Luiyo, the author
Luis a.k.a. Luiyo, the author

I’m an active fellow of several national and international associations: ARP-SAPC and Círculo Escéptico (promoting critical thinking); STE and AEFCFT (Literature and Arts); and AECC (about scientific communication and outreach).

I’m also Member of Free Software Foundation Europe, OpenStreetMap Foundation, Spanish Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International and UNHCR.

I love hiking, cycling (cycle tourism specially) and traditional archery to the point that I’m federated in RFETA (Spanish Federation of Archery) and AAL-IFAA (International Field Archery Association) and I’ve co-founded with other friends our own traditional archery club: the Archers of Ithilien.

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