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(Esta entrada se publica en inglés para facilitar su difusión en el mundo anglosajón y especialmente para Tim Farley, que me ha solicitado esta relación de podcasts escépticos en castellano. Si falta alguno ya estáis tardando en comentarlo)

(18-06-2011: Two podcasts added to the list)

For those who didn't know Tim Farley, he is the creator and promoter of the splendid site What's the Harm and his very useful blog Skeptical Software Tools. Part of this huge activism was a recent initiative to measure the skeptical podcasting, so I've been requested to make a list of the known skeptical podcasts in Spanish. It'll be easy for me as I am a frequent listener (and often friend) of them. To help him, with each program I'll add a brief description, extracted if possible from the source.

  • Pensando Críticamente (Critically Thinking) by Ismael Pérez and Borja Robert. Ismael and Borja are staff members of Escépticos en el Pub Madrid. Each month they interview the speaker of our main Skeptics in the Pub event, to promote and share this kind of skeptical activism with huge success in Madrid.

  • El Rincón Prohibido (The Forbidden Corner) by Mauricio-José Schwarz. It's a space for information, unorthodox views and artistic expressions that can not find space in traditional media, which tend to be very busy promoting pseudoscience, mysteries of paper-mache, junk music and literature consumption. The main subjects are Science and pseudosciences, music, poetry and social issues.

  • Escépticos and Magonia by Luis Alfonso Gámez. Mainly about appearances of skeptic personalities and comments in national radio broadcast. Luis A. Gámez is also the host of the TV program Escépticos.

  • Podcast Irreductible (The Irreducible Podcast) by Javier Peláez. This is about Science and History, often mixed up. There are almost 40 episodes with several biographies, historical and scientific facts.

  • El Esceptiradar (The Skeptic Radar) by Borja Robert. This is the most recent addition and Borja's last adventure (beside helping with Skepticamp Madrid). El EsceptiRadar tries to analyze frauds, lies and conspiracies in brief and entertaining episodes of about 10 minutes. Each one of them offers a rational and scientific explanation to the myths and frauds in an specific pseudoscience. Episodes should arrive every two weeks aiming to promote critical thinking, fight pseudoscience, teach some cool facts and entertain.

  • La media hostia (The half blow) by Ismael Valladolid. A rational enlightened progressist and atheist podcast.

  • Incrédulos (Unbelievers) by Esteban Umerez. A podcast about skepticism, rationalism, science, and critical thinking.

Curiously, his last entry in the blog is about skeptic activism and the presentation he made some days ago in Skepticamp Atlanta 2011, about how we may (and should!) move our efforts from the traditional blogging (and podcasting) to other activities that are also important, and sure will be essential in our goals, being the Skepticamp format the main key.

Concerning the open events format, and the Skepticamp Madrid itself, I'm eager to start talking about it in the next days. Stay tuned!

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