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Greach Conference 2017
I'll keep my intent to summarize all the important events that I'm attending, and I'll do it again in English as the audience is international. Please, point me any mistake you may find

Greach Conference 2017
Greach Conference 2017 - CC BY-NC-SA License

This week I attended, as usual since I don't remember when, to Greach 2017, an international conference about the Apache Groovy language and ecosystem. Greach is held each year in Madrid but everything is in English, and nowadays it's probably one of the Top3 worldwide events about this technology.

The event is organized mainly by Iván López (@ilopar) and Alberto Vilches (@albertovilches), with some help from other colleagues and a lot of Sponsors. Everything was perfect: the location is great, the spaces were confortable, the wifi more or less worked fine, cafeteria in-place, free wardrobe,... the lunch boxes were far from perfect, but that's another story more related to the venue.

TLDR; The conference content and speakers were great, in addition to the logistics. I missed the workshop day, but everyone told me it was also fantastic (both venue and contents). I learned a lot, not only about Groovy or Grails, but also about GraphQL, Ratpack and concurrence in general.

Let me summarize some of the talks I attended:

See you in Greach 2018!!

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