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A tag cloud with all the games that I have played in 2018

Welcome again to this yearly post, where I try to analyze my gaming behavior during the previous year. I have been doing this since 2011 in Spanish, but this time I will do it in English as with the rest of my posts. You can read about my previous years (in Spanish):

Evolution of my game plays over the last years
2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 Total since 2006
Total amount of plays 101 84 98 84 81 117 161 952
Different games played 61 72 55 71 52 81 80 356
Games with 2 or more plays (in the year) 14 9 15 13 14 19 40 161
Amount of gaming sessions 43 36 35 30 44 41 36 322
Games played per year until the end of 2018
Games played per year until the end of 2018


  • In this yearly post I used to include a graph with the games played by month, but it turned more or less complex and meaningless as the trend was clear year by year. I tend to play more or less the same along the year with some peaks in the gaming conventions.
  • In 2018 I went back to the 2016 numbers in amount of plays, with a higher amount of different games played.
  • I’ve played 61 different games this year, 41 of them were totally new (to me). A very high proportion.
  • I recorded 43 gaming sessions, almost 4 per month.
  • Again, in 2018 I have zero hours recorded in the Steam platform. I miss it and I will give it some priority in 2019.
  • My h-index as a player is still at 11. Reading carefully the data, I expect to go up at least one level in the next period, as I have several games near the h-index frontier.


  • I still enjoy a lot playing boardgames, role playing games and video games so I will keep this as one of my main leisure activities for 2019
  • In January 2018 we finished Pandemic Legacy Season 1 the campaign we started back in 2016, but after that I haven’t played any other legacy game. I still love cooperative games and I would not reject starting one with a stable playing group, maybe the recently announced Journeys in the Middle Earth?
  • I am becoming addicted to escape room inspired board games. In 2018 I have played several Unlock! and Exit and for 2019 my goal is to play all the published games of those two families
  • I managed (with my party and DM) to maintain since March a monthly Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign, and I only missed one session because of a trip. That is very good news for me and for the entire group, we are enjoying it a lot so we will hopefully continue with the same frequency and passion.
  • I’m still eager to play prototypes, but since early 2018 I am no longer a member of Asociación Ludo. I was not involved at all so, although I miss some of my colleagues there, I decided to leave after realizing that the association does not benefit from me if I’m only providing economic support. I will consider returning when I’m capable of offering more :-(
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