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Bradley M. Kuhn and Karen Sandler from Software Freedom Conservancy

It has been a week since I returned from another intense and thought-provoking weekend in Brussels, although it still feels like it was just yesterday. This year, apart from attending FOSDEM (as I intend to do every year) I took a very early flight on Friday to visit new (for me) places in the city. In just one day I visited the European Parliament Hemicycle, the House of European History, the Parlamentarium and the Museum of Natural Sciences. My most productive Friday in months, for sure.


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Para mantener la buena costumbre (ya, lo sé, no siempre cumplo), voy a relatar brevemente mi experiencia durante Codemotion 2016, uno de los eventos sobre informática y programación más importantes del país. No hay números oficiales definitivos pero en la clausura la organización comentó que hubo más de 2.000 asistentes y más de 150 charlas/talleres. Suelo asistir todos los años, hay otros eventos más potentes e interesantes para tecnologías concretas pero como evento generalista donde puedes…


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This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Greach 2016. Greach is an international conference about the Groovy language and ecosystem, it's hosted here in Madrid but the conference is 100% in English to successfully attract top speakers and attendees. This was the 5th edition of the conference, consolidated as one of the biggest events worldwide about Groovy.