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Juan Gómez Jurado during the presentation of Reina Roja in Málaga

Any Goodreads user has access to a yearly report with some statistics and basically the covers of all the books read in one year. In order to have it the user only has to set the books as read and the read date to any time in that year.


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'Travels with Charley' map at the National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, CA

Travels with Charley: In Search of America is mainly what they call a travelogue o travel literature. It’s not the first time that I read one and I’m starting to enjoy the genre. I added this one to my want to read in Goodreads a long time ago after reading some hilarious paragraphs during a couple of English lessons, and the rest of the book had not disappointed me at all.


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Czech stamp in 2000 about Fermat's last theorem

Acabo de terminar la lectura de Fermat's Last Theorem (El último teorema de Fermat en su edición española) del autor británico Simon L. Singh. A pesar de haber tardado bastante en acabarlo (diversos líos me han tenido alejado de cualquier libro) me ha parecido una lectura muy amena y totalmente recomendable. Antes de seguir, debo indicar que este libro lo conseguí en la pasada TAM London 2010 firmado por el propio autor.

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