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Puerta NAND en Lego

Veo en Slashdot y en BoingBoing que un tipo ha conseguido hacerse puertas lógicas mecánicas usando piezas de Lego.

I have now designed working NOT, OR, NOR, AND, and NAND gates. Using two NAND gates I have produced a NAND gate latch or Flip-FLop. The natural follow on from these is clocked logic, full-adders and ultimately a genuine "computer" device. At the moment all these gates essentially just demonstrators. They work, but because of the limitations that arise through gear slippage, the real practicable use is probably not that great

Es el primer paso, el siguiente es hacer el ordenador entero, lento de cojones, y bastante poco fiable, pero sería la risa.

¿Qué os parece?

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