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Richard Stallman
Richard Stallman

Según leo en BoingBoing, si consigues a tres personas para que hagan una donación y entren a formar parte de la Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman (o Eben Moglen) grabaran el mensaje que tu prefieras para que lo uses en, por ejemplo, tu contestador telefónico.

Greet your callers with a prominent voice of software freedom, and help the FSF safeguard this freedom for everyone.

After we agree on the text for the message, Stallman or Moglen will record it in a free digital format that you can play as a whole on your preferred media, be it your voice mail, web site, blog, VOIP system, answering machine---you'll have the file, so you can move it around as you please. We can personalize them for whomever you like, so you can make them gifts for friends and family

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