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The Ice Book es una maravillosa obra de arte creada por Davy McGuire y Kristin McGuire. Como resumen rápido se trata de unas pequeñas obras de teatro proyectadas sobre un libro popup para conseguir fantásticos efectos de perspectiva, ilusiones ópticas y magia. Mejor les dejo con este vídeo:

En palabras de los autores:

I always had the dream of creating a theatre performance that opened up like a pop-up book. A show that would mix video projections with live actors to create a totally immersive experience. We wanted to create a full scale, life-size theatre production.

The idea for the Icebook was to create a miniature maquette for this dream – a demonstration model to show to producers and other funders in the hope that they would give us some money to make the full scale show. (And we still hope that this will come true one day!) The Icebook has since however, grown its own legs and turned into a miniature show all by itself. An intimate performance for small audiences.

We love the old pre-cinematic optical illusions, such as zeotropes and magic lanterns, and the magical way in which they can mesmerise audiences through basic mechanics. Rather than simply projecting images onto a screen, we wanted to create an object with a life of its own – a tangible and magical “thing” for an audience to experience.

When Kristin first held a pop-up in front of a lamp we were fascinated by the utterly beautiful effect of the light coming through the paper, creating shadows and silhouettes which we could then enhance and complement with back projected film-footage. In the Icebook, the 3D effect is achieved by back projecting onto the pop ups. Using this technique the projected characters appear as if they are moving behind the cut-outs and thus the illusion of perspective is created

(Visto en Mira y Calla)

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