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BGG 2011 Secret Santa

(De ahora en adelante escribiré algunas de mis entradas en inglés, como simple entrenamiento y entretenimiento. A nadie le debería sorprender. Por favor, comuniquen cualquier error o incorrección)

One of the main (and marvellous) things about BoardGameGeek (BGG) is its Community. The entire website is built upon them, thanks to them. That's why I'm part of it, I love it, help it grow, and cheerfully support it each year.

For those who doesn't know BGG yet, it is the biggest and most valuable games database and social network. There you'll find all the important info about a game enriched with all kinds of user contents, from hints, play guides, rule translations (if needed), photos, buy&sell info, recommendations, etc.

That itself is useful for any gamer, but for the obsessive cataloguers like me it also helps me track all my games, previously owned games, wishlist, private info, acquisition details, notes,... It's priceless for me.

Now I've added another marvellous experience. I signed in for this year BoardGameGeek Secret Santa, a massive worldwide gift exchange between more than two thousand people from the BGG Community. I sent a game about a week ago and today I've received a package from my secret (and generous) friend.

2011-11-25 BGG 2011 Secret Santa 01

The main rules are simple:

  • Getting a present is fun, but Secret Santa is all about the giving. Prepare yourself to any disappointing gift, although it'll be rare.
  • You must make sure to update your wishlist (not want list) of games. The more and diverse games you have on your list, the easier it is for your Secret Santa to fulfil your needs and wishes.
  • It's an International Secret Santa, everyone is welcome, but you'll have the option (not recommended) to pick which countries you are willing to ship to.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

My Secret Santa reasoned that the second board game in order of preference in my wishlist was a good choice (a great choice, I'll add) but not enough for him/her, so I have also received the first expansion of the game. I can remove from my wishlist Race for the Galaxy and Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm, both from Tom Lehmann.

2011-11-25 BGG 2011 Secret Santa 03

Thanks a lot!!

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