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My visited countries as of August 2018

I was eager to introduce this section on this site for a long time, after seeing it on my favorite travel blog:, written by my dearest Yami. Yes, it’s about travels since I enjoy more and more traveling and reviewing my trips.

My Curriculum Vitae as a traveler contains two main parts:

  • A Leaflet map with all my visited countries with a link to the review that I could have written here in the blog.
  • A chronological list of all the trips that I have made (as far as I remember)

Looks like I’ve visited 18 out of 193 countries (among those recognized by United Nations), almost all of them in Europe. Looks like the time has come to expand the range of my trips.

Copying the model in to this blog took about 10 minutes. Updating it with my trips took a few hours (researching in calendars, several digital photo albums and even Google Maps Timeline) but the greatest effort (at least in time) has been the aesthetic redesign. I could have left the styles as they were but I’m happy with the result.

I hope you like it, you will always find a link to it in the header.

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