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Quite excited to be in Tiananmen Square, and ready to discuss about Software Freedom

Disclaimer: Out of necessity, this entry will be shorter than I would like (although it may not seem so) and in Spanish, despite more than 90% of my readers (according to Google Analytics) do not have Spanish as their main language. For the first time I managed to take notes during the trip and I had to limit myself to transcribe those notes.


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Mont Saint-Michel

Some months ago I wrote in the blog about my road trip through the Romantikstraße in Austria. I shared the trip with Agatha and it went great, so we took advantage of the fact that we both had several pending holidays for this year and repeated the experience in two of the most beautiful regions in France: Normandy and Brittany. This post will be a summary of our experience in Normandy and hopefully I’ll be able to write a similar one for Brittany.

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