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A tag cloud with all the boardgames that I have played in 2019

Welcome again to this yearly post, where I try to analyze my gaming behavior during the last year. You can read about my previous years:


2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 Total since 2006
Total amount of plays 73 101 84 98 84 1146
Different games played 33 61 72 55 71 430
Games with 2 or more plays 9 14 9 15 13 186
Amount of gaming sessions 37 43 36 35 30 401
Evolution of my game plays over the last 5 years
Games played per year until the end of 2019
Games played per year until the end of 2019


This time, I’ll organize the analysis in categories, as the time I spent in RPG or video games is becoming much more relevant.


  • 2019 has been the year with less plays since 2009.
  • I’ve played only 33 different games this year, and incredibly most of them were new (to me).
  • I recorded 37 gaming sessions, 3 per month.
  • My h-index as a player is still at 11. I expected to raise it this year, but I haven’t since I almost played new games.
  • I have played a lot less to boardgames. Nothing unexpected as this year I haven’t been able to attend Tierra de Nadie (TdN) or any similar convention. Not attending TdN implies at least 25-30 plays less.
  • On the other side, the number of gaming sessions is not that different. And makes sense as I’m playing more to longer games.
  • Only In 2019 I have played 19 times to Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, in several sessions with up to 4 straight plays. I’m enjoying it a lot (as the rest of my playing group), so we are continuing with The Hunt of the Ember Crown expansion. I’m even considering starting a solitaire campaign to compare.
  • I did not fulfill my desire to complete in 2019 all the published games of Unlock! and Exit, but I played 5 and I have bought almost all of them so it’s a matter of time.

Role-playing games

  • We are still maintaining our monthly Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign. I’ve only skipped a couple of sessions because of business trips or similar issues, and despite that I’ve attended 10 sessions.
  • I’m sure we will continue with this in 2020 and beyond, if nothing important changes. We will see what happens when we complete the Storm King’s Thunder campaign.

Video games

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