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Worked fine in dev...

For many different reasons I have had to discuss quite a lot recently about the professionalism of some people, technical and non-technical. Sometimes, because a person feels that she (I will use the feminine as neutral gender) is not being treated fairly with respect of her category, or because her performance is disappointing for others, sometimes after unfair comparisons between colleagues, … As a common element, a diabolical concept was almost always being misused in these situations:…


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Map status of the ING CTF competition with less than 22h left

Last week I had the huge pleasure to participate in a week-long Security Summer Camp organized by the Information Security department of ING Spain. The agenda was very promising and implied some theory and lots of practice, ending with an Escape the Room game and a 2,5 days long Capture The Flag hacking competition. Several speakers from the Infosec Squad prepared talks and workshops about different topics, focusing on Ethical Hacking, secure development, server hardening or OSINT.


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Codemotion 2016

Para mantener la buena costumbre (ya, lo sé, no siempre cumplo), voy a relatar brevemente mi experiencia durante Codemotion 2016, uno de los eventos sobre informática y programación más importantes del país. No hay números oficiales definitivos pero en la clausura la organización comentó que hubo más de 2.000 asistentes y más de 150 charlas/talleres. Suelo asistir todos los años, hay otros eventos más potentes e interesantes para tecnologías concretas pero como evento generalista donde puedes…


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Greach Conference 2016

This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Greach 2016. Greach is an international conference about the Groovy language and ecosystem, it's hosted here in Madrid but the conference is 100% in English to successfully attract top speakers and attendees. This was the 5th edition of the conference, consolidated as one of the biggest events worldwide about Groovy.

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